Stained Concrete - A cutting-edge Approach To Decorating

Concrete is quickly gaining popularity as decorators and interior designers see the beauty of stained concrete. Concrete might be stained almost any color. You will find artists and home designers that are even creating complex 3-dimensional pictures and artwork on concrete floors and walls. By creating layers of stain, these floors and walls come to life in incredible imagery. You may create an aquarium, complete with tropical fish for your bathroom or spa or perhaps a lush tropical forest for the sunroom. Concrete is also being utilized to create colorful countertops offering a splash of color in a kitchen or complement a whole color theme. - Artcrete Designs

Probably the most popular uses for concrete would be to enhance patios and decking. Adding layers of stain can make a unique design that gives warmth and ambiance for any area in your home, however, if applied to a deck or patio, truly brings it back again. Some designers are combining staining with decorative concrete or brick to create complicated, customized frescoes because of their customers. Concrete is simple to maintain, usually the need to be sealed every few years. It is important to take into account the weather, however, because exterior concrete could possibly be damaged by extreme weather changes. - Artcrete Designs

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